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Our Sunday Experience
for Children and Teens

The Youth and Family Ministry program at Unity of Naples is conducted in an open and empowering environment where children are celebrated and encouraged to deepen their relationship to God and to explore the practical teachings of Jesus. 

Our Youth Ed volunteers are easily recognized by their yellow nametags, which represent the completion of our background check and interview process.  Your children are in good hands!
Our 5 Unity Principles

Our classrooms and nursery open at 9:45 am, with our Sacred Circle for 5-18 yrs. starting at 10 am
Our participatory experience includes positive affirmation, music, meditation, and prayer. 

After our Sacred Circle, we break into age-appropriate classes to explore Unity principles using the Bible and popular stories for children and teens, and deepen that exploration through arts and crafts, drama, games, music, and science. 

To close, we "Walk in the Light" into the Sanctuary to join the congregation in song and closing prayer.  Parents, please pick up your children from our volunteers on the platform directly afterwards!

Your Youth and Family Ministries Director is Elizabeth Smith (, who works with Assistant Youth Director Pat Dougherty and a dedicated and loving team of volunteers.  Our nursery is staffed by Naomi Mizrachi and Bernie Fanchi, who engage our children in active play.

Our Mission

Myrtle Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity, continues to guide us: "Our mission is not to entertain the children, but to call them out....  To be 'called out' is to follow the harmonious law of the soul's unfoldment."  As teachers and guides, our calling is to help our children and teens discover and explore their unique spiritual journey.

Unity recognizes that there are many expressions of family life -- all are welcome.

Our Classes

Nursery and Pre-School (Rainbows)

Our Pre-K Angels

We welcome babies, toddlers and pre-school children from infant through 4 to 5 years of age.  We offer a loving and safe daycare experience during our 10 am adult service.  Our staff and volunteers involve children in active play and provide teachings that support Unity principles.  Our dedicated volunteers create a Sacred Space for a fun "mini-lesson" including story and creative activities.  We play to learn!

Elementary ~ Unikids

These classes include ages 5 through 10 years of age.  We learn about Unity principles and ideas through story and creative expression. Children are encouraged to pray for others and to apply the practical teachings of Jesus and Unity principles to their life lessons.

Middle School ~ Uniteens

Uniteens age 11 through 13 come together to explore Truth and its application to their lives through story, discussion and creative expression.  Pre-teens and teens raise funds throughout the year and may attend two regional retreats annually.  Regular Sunday attendance and participation in service projects are requirements for eligibility for retreats and "lock-ins." 

Students have the opportunity to serve before and during the adult service in the Sanctuary (sign-up and parental approval is required).
We belong to the Southeast Region of Unity Worldwide Ministries and information on upcoming regional events as well as registration forms may be found on their website by clicking HERE

High School ~ Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity)

Teens age 14 through 18 are invited to come together in fellowship to learn more about their spiritual nature through story, discussion, group projects and service, and to apply spiritual principles to real-life issues.  Teens raise funds throughout the year and have the opportunity to attend regional events.  Regular Sunday attendance and participation in service projects are required for retreats and rallies. 

Students have the opportunity to serve before and during the adult service in the Sanctuary, (please sign up beforehand).  Unity of Naples belongs to the Southeast Region of Unity Worldwide Ministries, and information on upcoming regional events as well as registration forms may be found on their website by clicking HERE.

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For Parents  

Youth Service and classes are from 10 to 11 am every Sunday.  We schedule one teacher (guide) and one assistant for each of our classes.  Our volunteers go through a screening process as well as a Federal background check, then orientation and ongoing training.  Look for the young-at-heart adults with yellow nametags -- those are our Youth Ed volunteers! 

Child care for children under 5 years old is available for certain events, please visit our Event Childcare page for detailed information, and the event of interest for reservations.   

We request that parents complete a registration form for each child, and to update us for changes in relevant information.  Please click HERE for our one-page PDF registration form for your child or teen.  Parents are welcome to attend our Sacred Circle or join their child in class anytime.  If you are new to Unity, you may wish to look HERE to read more about what Unity believes and practices. 

Our Youth Ed rooms are located on the southeast corner of our campus.  For more information, contact Elizabeth Smith, Youth and Family Ministries Director by email at or call 239-775-3009, ext. 113.  Youth Ed office hours are Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons, or by appointment.

Our Policies and Procedures handbook is available at any time in the Youth Ed office, or can be accessed online by clicking HERE.

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Throughout 2018 we are exploring The Virtues, a Unity-oriented curriculum created by Youth Directors Elizabeth Smith and Pat Dougherty, based on The Virtues Project.


Projects and Special Events

Please check the calendar for more information about special events. 

  • Youth vegetable and butterfly garden
  • Annual Easter Party and Easter Egg Hunt
  • Summer Camp
  • Halloween
  • Annual Christmas party
  • Teen Service in  the Sanctuary
  • Youth Choir (as announced)
  • School break or holiday morning camps

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Our Volunteers

Unity of Naples has a loving team of volunteers.  We call upon the highest and best within ourselves to live our principles and be a positive example for our precious youth.  We are committed to provide a rich spiritual experience within a positive and safe environment.  If you feel a call to serve our youth, please contact Elizabeth Smith at or (239) 775-3009 (ext. 113) for more information or to schedule an meeting. 

Volunteer forms available online (PDF format):

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