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Our Solid Footing Campaign!

The flooring in our Youth Ed nursery, Pre-K, classrooms, and office is over 20 years old and needs replacing. We are raising approximately $25,000 to remove and dispose of the old carpeting, to prepare the floor, and to install all new flooring throughout these areas.  This will provide new flooring for six rooms, our Youth Ed entryway, and four closets.  It is a large undertaking, but well worth our support!
Any donation amount is acceptable, and your notation of Solid Footing Campaign or “Youth Ed Flooring” on your check or your online contribution through the PayPal button below will go into this fund.  The new flooring will be a similar material to that just installed in the East Classroom, which has the look of wood, but is very maintenance-friendly.  It is more durable, sanitary, and allergen-free than carpet, but safer and easier on little legs and bodies than ceramic tile.  In addition to serving our youth, we see this as a life-long investment that adds value to these rooms, which in turn are more attractive for adult classes and room rentals to the public, benefitting both the church and the congregation.  Abundance creates more abundance!
Thank you!

Our current nursery flooring     Our new East Classroom flooring!
Left: Our existing very old Nursery flooring.  Right: East Classroom new flooring being installed!

Thank you from Youth & Family Ministries for your ongoing support through donations, prayer, and your loving acceptance and encouragement of all our youth!
We appreciate every donation you give to support Unity of Naples!
Please contact info@naplesunity.org or call 239-775-3009 for more information.

Monies given over our actual flooring purchase and installation cost will go into the general operating fund for Unity of Naples.
No refunds. All sales are final. Unity of Naples, a 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Service code.