Board of Trustees

Ten Commitments for Board Service:

1. I am committed to my own spiritual transformation

2. I am committed to the principle and practice of tithing to God

3. I am committed to making participation in board activities a high priority during my term

4. I am committed to attend scheduled board meetings on time, prepared and enthusiastic

5. I am committed to express my full thoughts and feelings and hear my board colleagues in our meetings

6. I am committed to test my words, and to have them tested by my colleagues, for consistency with Unity principles

7. I am committed to expand my conscious expression of Unity principles through class work, reading, discussion and prayer

8. I am committed to fully support board decisions in my contacts with participants in our ministry

9. I am committed to identify and develop talented new participants from board and committee work

10. I am committed to being accountable, and to asking board colleagues, paid staff and volunteers to be accountable for commitments and assignments


This is our Board of Trustees: